Middle Harbor Park (3 of 4)

Tug boat headed up the canal toward open water. On the far side of the canal are two container ships in the background. We were here (see the bottom right of the image). The light was fading and you can just see the white running lights of the tug.


Middle Harbor Park (2 of 4)

Yes, I know the California Poppy is considered super common around here. I don’t care. I think they’re beautiful and a brilliant color. So happy.

Base of one of the Port of Oakland container unloaders in the background.


Middle Harbor Park (1 of 4)

Shot about 10 minutes after the previous two photos from a different section of the park – Middle Harbor is a reclaimed space from the Naval Base. This is a tiny section of the Port and Terminal of Oakland. The scale in this shot can be a bit deceiving, each one of those containers on the far right onboard the ship is the size of a railroad car (and frequently are).


City A-light (2 of 2)

This only lasted about 5 minutes before the cloud cover completely changed. We had not had any significant rain at this point in the winter and the air was really dirty. While terrible for the local environment, it did make for a great picture.

You can just see the top of one of the Golden Gate Bridge towers in the city skyline to the left. Yes, San Francisco really is that geographically compact.


City A-light (1 of 2)

Shot in early February on a very atmospheric day from Middle Harbor park towards San Francisco. I commented to my photowalk partner that it looked like something from a war movie. This shot covers the coastal views from Dogpatch and Mission Bay, primarily, arcing around to SOMA and the Financial District. The suspension bridge on the right is Bay Bridge, specifically the older western span that links Yerba Buena Island to San Francisco, built in 1936.


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