Outreach – there was this street team in San Francisco

4 people in an industrial hallway This photo was for an outreach project that was happening at Cal Shakes, shot at Intersection for the Arts, which is in the 5m building in San Francisco. This was a group of actors/artists that did slam poetry, worked with kids and learned about themselves as artists. All of the artists were between 18 and 25 and they were so dedicated to themselves and the vision of the project. It was amazing to watch. I got to work with them several times as they prepared material. Unfortunately the end product never really went anywhere for Cal Shakes or Intersection. The idea and the first time around of doing outreach into the high risk communities was a valuable experience for the artists, the coordinator and me. They had all done it before, I was the new person on the team and I suspect it showed. The project was replaced by The Triangle Lab and has iterated several more times since then.  The core idea of discovering new works, creating new works and changing the idea of who is the audience hasn’t.

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